Thursday, August 16, 2012

ZenKitchen™ Makes Ottawa's Celiac Scene!

At ZenKitchen™, we believe that a gourmet meal can be created out of healthy and environmentally friendly foods. With a focus on whole foods prepared in a flavourful, healthful, manner, ZenKitchen demonstrates that food can be beautiful and good for you. Voted Ottawa's New Restaurant of the Year!

In our cooking, we use all natural ingredients, with no genetically engineered foods, preservatives and chemical additives, and the freshest of ingredients that are as organic and locally sourced as possible. We offer wine pairings with every meal, and have special winemaker and brewmaster dinners. VQA Restaurant Gold Award of Excellence!

Live Jazz on Second Sunday Brunch!


634 Somerset Street West in Ottawa
Tues-Sun from 5 pm, Thurs-Fri Lunch 11:30-2, Sat-Sun Brunch 10-2 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Daily Eating: Gluten and Dairy Free!

Daily Eating: Gluten & Dairy Free Launches!
Recipes to make you smile inside and out!
With an immediate family member diagnosed with severe sensitivity to gluten and dairy, Bev Pellick has had first hand experience at adapting recipes to accommodate these dietary concerns. 
A wife, a Mom, and a professional educator, Bev has had ample opportunities to cook and bake. Cooking courses and cake decorating classes have enhanced and helped develop her love of creating kitchen favourites! 
With a positive and creative outlook, and concentrating on what CAN be consumed, rather than on what can't be, Bev worked through family favourites creating recipes for daily eating, GLUTEN AND DAIRY Free.
This book was developed to help those with gluten and/or dairy sensitivities begin to realize that gluten free/dairy free cooking is not only do-able on a daily basis, but the end results are delicious.
Included are over 100 'family favorite' recipes for appetizers, salads, soups, main meals, sides, beverages, and of course sweet treats. Recipes are easy to follow and all are gluten free and dairy free. 
In the beginning it can be a challenge and somewhat over whelming to find 'safe' products. To help you get started, shopping lists are provided on the last few pages that include gluten free products. 
McNally Robinson Booksellers
Sunday, September 30, 2012 — 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
1120 Grant Avenue in Winnipeg, MN

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cascadia Gluten-Free Granola Makes The Scene! will be appearing Thursdays from 9am to 3pm at Triangle Square through to October.

Enjoy delicious, nutritious GLUTEN FREE GRANOLA and GRANOLA BARS made with coconut, quinoa, almonds, cranberries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, held together with a dollop of honey. Oat-free and tested as gluten free, ideal for celiacs and anyone embracing a healthy lifestyle. 

Available at retailers throughout Vancouver, by order at 1-604-779-0483 and now, on Granville Island. 

Endorsed by and proud Exhibitor at, January 13, 2013!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Food Allergy & Celiac Summer Camp

Food Allergy & Celiac Summer Camp
July 23 - 27 Lake Wabamun, near Fallis, Alberta

In partnership with Alberta Allergy Information Association and the Sherwood Park Celiac Support Group, we are pleased to host a camp for children who would otherwise not be able to attend summer camp.

Food Allergy Camp is for children with severe food allergies and Celiac Camp is for children who suffer from celiac disease. This camp, to be held during Session 3, will enable children with severe and life threatening food allergies to enjoy camp life in a safe environment.

To learn more about these partenerships and the additional dietary and medical resources available during this week, please contact the YWCA YoWoChAs office.

*Please note: Session 3 is open and available to children with and without food allergies and regular programming and menu options will continue to be offered during this week.

In addition, we are able to accommodate campers with food allergies in all sessions with advanced notice.

To Register:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yoga Sprouts Day Camp - Burlington

Jemma Ermellini of The Naked Sprout (a sister company to Chrysalis Yoga) and Deborah Gemus  are offering a unique Kids Camp experience ideal for any kids ages 6-11, who suffer from celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.  

Our facility is Vegan, Raw and completely gluten free! There is no risk of cross-contamination.  Hamilton Magazine recently named The Naked Sprout "Best New Restaurant".

We have planned a healthy, active and very "veg-ucational' day that combines both nutrition and movement.  In the AM, kids will be whipping up all kinds of delicious and nutritious foods, with an emphasis on fun.  In the afternoons, they will be doing yoga-related activities and crafts.

The camp runs July 9-13, with options to do full week, full day, and half day.  Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included in the price of the camp.

We especially want to spread the news to folks in the Hamilton/Burlington/Milton/Oakville area to let them know about this camp, and hopefully inspire other yoga studios and Gluten-free restaurants across the country to team up and do something health related for kids in summer and March Break timeframes.

Please see poster and / or contact Jemma or Deborah at anytime. 

Best regards,
Deborah Gemus
Community Liaison
Chrysalis Yoga
Mobile: 905-333-9090
Office: 905-319-9111

Jemma Ermellini
The Naked Sprout
Office: 905-319-2293

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rock Cod Café Launches Celiac Summer Menu!

Just one meal at the Rock Cod Café in Cowichan Bay, BC and you’ll spoil your appetite forever with amazingly good food. BIG food. And friendly, personal service you simply won’t find anywhere else. That’s why one time visitors become regulars. And regulars become family. Small wonder, eating at the Rock Cod Cafe can quickly move from a habit to a ritual.

Your health and enjoyment are important to us. When we prepare celiac-friendly meals, we use clean, separate pans, separate flippers, a separate cutting board and employ good hand washing techniques to minimize the risk of cross contamination. Our waitstaff can advise you on which salads and asian bowls are suitable and our chefs can prepare salmon, halibut, cod, prawns, steak and chicken as you like for an excellent dining experience. At the Rock Cod Café, we believe how you are served is just as important as what you are served!! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Serving Strongbow Cider year round and Merridale Ciders to suit the season!

The Rock Cod Café
1759 Cowichan Bay Rd,
Cowichan Bay, British Columbia
Celiac-Friendly Menu:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The O Bistro Makes The Celiac Scene!

The O Bistro in Oswego Hotel
500 Oswego St in Victoria's Inner Harbour
Pleased to serve GF Brunch and Dinner Options

You can often smell the crisp ocean air from our beautifully designed O Bistro’s patio, so it’s no surprise that our focus is on dynamic West Coast cuisine. Our menu is created from the freshest local ingredients and served in a setting that reflects the hotel’s stylish, modern aesthetic. 
Enjoy the warmth and glow of the stone fireplace in the cooler months, or dine al fresco on our patio when the weather’s warm. Our intimate Lounge is a casual option for sipping a cocktail or a fine local wine or beer. The live entertainment is local, too. We host jazz— featuring top-notch area talent — every Wednesday night.!/suz_OswegoHotel