Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Now! Serving the Scene™!

Wanting a wheatless wedding cake? Need a caterer for your kids celiac camp? Dreaming of a delivery of GF pasta?

Look no further than Serving the Scene™, Canada's first and only listing of independent entrepreneurs who are keen to provide a special skill or a service to the gluten-free community.

Would you like to make your favourite recipes gluten-free? See EZ2B Gluten Free!

Want some pasta pronto? Call Antipastos Kitchen

Craving cupcakes on the coast? The Sweet Tooth Cakery!

Promised to bake a platter of pastries? Call Portions Canada!

If you can imagine it, someone is sure to be providing it on Serving the Scene™.

And if you are the one providing the service, The Celiac Scene™ will promote it! We connect your business with the celiac community around the corner or around the world! Find what you are looking for at Serving the Scene™ !

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