Friday, November 19, 2010

The Gluten-Free Food Whisperer

Laura Moore, the Good for you Gourmet, has a way with food. She knows how each ingredient smells before it is stirred into a mix; how sizzling peppers sound as they fry; how dough feels as it is kneaded; how sugar cracks appear on the surface of a perfectly baked cookie. These were the details that Laura had us savour long before we had even tasted the delicious hors d'oeuvres and scrumptious cookies that she prepared for us during her organic, whole foods demonstration.

Laura’s attention to detail goes beyond gluten free to what else may have been added in terms of pesticides and preservatives. Has irradiation removed bacteria as well as valuable enzymes, in order to prolong shelf life? What are the long- term health consequences of food irradiation as a preservation technique? What is the impact on nutritional profile after food is transported to the consumer from where it is grown?

A commitment to natural, local food as a way of eating that brings with it vivid taste, vibrant color and succulent textures has established Laura as Victoria’s first organic, whole foods personal chef and catering service. Good for you Gourmet can accommodate special diets and multiple allergies in a complete range of professional services.

To learn more about Good for you Gourmet, please visit, or call chef Laura at 250.721.5961.

Asian Shiitake, Bell Pepper & Sesame Potato Boats w/ Sake Reduction

Chickpea & Herb Roasted Onion Pate w/Feta, Parsley & Lemon Sauce

Pumpkinseed Butter & Blueberry Cardamom Cookies

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