Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Noodle Box Launches Gluten-Free Menu

This extremely popular South-East Asian Noodle Bar spells out their commitment to their gluten-free and wheat-free customers on their new GLUTEN-FREE MENU!

"Noodle Box Food is cooked by hand, fresh to order from whole ingredients that are prepared in each restaurants’ kitchen. We take food quality seriously and strive to provide foods that are fresh, flavourful, healthy and balanced. Because we cook in this way, we are able to offer a menu that customers may modify to their own dietary and nutritional needs.

We give you the rundown on what to order, and what changes you need to request. We offer rice noodles as an alternative to wheat noodles, as well as white and brown jasmine rice. You can also add in roasted cashews, extra crushed peanuts, or even a fried free range egg to gussy up your dish!

When you let our staff know that you have dietary preferences or intolerances, our cooks will reset their station with fresh utensils, cloths and clean hands, and pay close attention to the cooking process to ensure your confidence in the integrity of our product. Having said this, we cannot guarantee anything 100%, wok frying can be chaotic and we ask our customers to take responsibility for making informed choices about their diet."

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"Seriously, The Noodle Box is one of the best little restaurants in the city." --Mike O., Port Moody, BC

"...if you love a good Asian noodle dish, definitely check this place out. But fair warning, you may get addicted"--Cameron M.,Vancouver, BC

I love how you’re now offering reusable chopsticks! Looking forward to trying them out on my next visit.
 Jennifer - Victoria, BC

This place is a fun little joint, very inviting decor and the staff was extremely pleasant and casual. 
Garrett N.,YELP review

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