Monday, October 17, 2011

GF Eco Tourism in Colombia!

Colombian tour operator, Colombia World Tours, is offering meal plan options for gluten-intolerant, vegan, vegetarian, and people with food allergies.

Young Canadian scientist turned entrepreneur, Dr. Vivian Kulaga, is putting a long-awaited dream of celiacs, vegans, vegetarians, and people with food allergies, literally on the map and she's doing it in Colombia. Dr. Kulaga, or “allergic girl”, as she calls herself, has taken her struggle of travelling with extensive food allergies and combined it with her love of travel to make “lemons into eco-tourism” as she calls it.

“I know how frustrating it can be to try to explain to a well-intentioned waiter - in a foreign language - that even a little bit of butter is bad”.

Vivian, suffering from a multitude of food allergies and intolerances (dairy and soy to include a few) has made it her personal mission to make life easier for those in the same boat by giving them a break on one of her company's all-inclusive eco-adventure tours. Typical vacation packages aren't geared to cater to travellers with special diets, and so people with allergies, intolerances, or non-mainstream diets can't escape worrying about their food.

“The constant vigilance can be stressful, and is the opposite of what a relaxing vacation is supposed to be. Sometimes I just want a vacation from cooking, reading food labels, and having to continuously explain my dietary needs to people who often just don't get it...”

How does Colombia World ensure such special meal plans?

“We only work with restaurants where we personally know the owner and chef and are confident in their knowledge regarding the special food preparation issues. We also don't compromise on destination, so we hire private cooks/chefs and book appropriate facilities to personally prepare the special meals where needed. Because our groups are small we are able to manage individuals on a personal basis.”

The best part Vivian says about her company's vacations is that unlike other travel industry providers that can accommodate special diets, Colombia World's tours don't just stay put but rather travel from destination to destination – not an easy feat when dealing with special diets!

“We travel from city to town, to coffee plantation, to mountain, to hot springs, to beach....”

Colombia World Tours is passionate about Colombia, special food needs, and the environment. Their small-group tours travel across Colombia's breath-taking coffee growing region and luscious Caribbean coast. Colombia World also is a supporter of eco-friendly practices, and the local communities which their tours visit.

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Contact Dr. Vivian Kulaga at (647) 800–8227 or

Vegan, Vegetarian & gluten-free options.

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