Sunday, December 4, 2011

Forbes Pharmacy Goes Gluten Free

Forbes Pharmacy in West Shore, Victoria, BC offers a wide selection of unique GF products with an emphasis on good nutrition. Susan and Mandy are eager to assist you and welcome new product suggestions.

Additional Services:
• Lux Spa - Lux Spa
• Veterinarian Compounding - we help make medicating your pet a treat.
* Addiction Services
* Compounding
* Custom Orthotics
* Bracing & Specialty Footwear
* Blister Packing with Free Delivery
* Home Health Care and Rentals
* Breast Pump Rentals
* Sigvaris
* Dynamic Footworks
* PerCuro Clinical Research Ltd.
**Forbes Pharmacy Seniors Day - 15% off your purchase last Thursday of Every Month**

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