Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kootenay Kitchen Gluten-Free Végé Pâtés

Kootenay Kitchen’s gluten-free Végé Pâtés are perfect for vegans as well as everyone else! These truly fabulous Végé Pâtés are made with at least 84% certified organic ingredients, non-irradiated herbs, NO preservatives and NO additives. There are 190 grams of delicious snack and meal possibilities in each package. Handcrafted in our artisan kitchen in North Vancouver, BC, Végé Pâtés freeze beautifully with no loss to flavour or consistency.

• 100% gluten free
• Certified vegan
• GMO free
• Dairy / egg / soy free
• Free of preservatives, additives, stabilizers, fillers
• Made with 84% certified organic ingredients
• Sourced as close to home as possible
• Three flavours: Jalapeño, Herb & Curry Végé Pâtés

“Food remembers the acts of hands and heart. We believe this is true, and it’s why we use a minimum of 84% certified organic ingredients in our products. We support certified organic standards because doing so means we’re doing what we can to ensure the future of Mother Earth and the health of our customers.”


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