Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rock Cod Café Launches Celiac Summer Menu!

Just one meal at the Rock Cod Café in Cowichan Bay, BC and you’ll spoil your appetite forever with amazingly good food. BIG food. And friendly, personal service you simply won’t find anywhere else. That’s why one time visitors become regulars. And regulars become family. Small wonder, eating at the Rock Cod Cafe can quickly move from a habit to a ritual.

Your health and enjoyment are important to us. When we prepare celiac-friendly meals, we use clean, separate pans, separate flippers, a separate cutting board and employ good hand washing techniques to minimize the risk of cross contamination. Our waitstaff can advise you on which salads and asian bowls are suitable and our chefs can prepare salmon, halibut, cod, prawns, steak and chicken as you like for an excellent dining experience. At the Rock Cod Café, we believe how you are served is just as important as what you are served!! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Serving Strongbow Cider year round and Merridale Ciders to suit the season!

The Rock Cod Café
1759 Cowichan Bay Rd,
Cowichan Bay, British Columbia
Celiac-Friendly Menu:

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