Friday, August 3, 2012

Daily Eating: Gluten and Dairy Free!

Daily Eating: Gluten & Dairy Free Launches!
Recipes to make you smile inside and out!
With an immediate family member diagnosed with severe sensitivity to gluten and dairy, Bev Pellick has had first hand experience at adapting recipes to accommodate these dietary concerns. 
A wife, a Mom, and a professional educator, Bev has had ample opportunities to cook and bake. Cooking courses and cake decorating classes have enhanced and helped develop her love of creating kitchen favourites! 
With a positive and creative outlook, and concentrating on what CAN be consumed, rather than on what can't be, Bev worked through family favourites creating recipes for daily eating, GLUTEN AND DAIRY Free.
This book was developed to help those with gluten and/or dairy sensitivities begin to realize that gluten free/dairy free cooking is not only do-able on a daily basis, but the end results are delicious.
Included are over 100 'family favorite' recipes for appetizers, salads, soups, main meals, sides, beverages, and of course sweet treats. Recipes are easy to follow and all are gluten free and dairy free. 
In the beginning it can be a challenge and somewhat over whelming to find 'safe' products. To help you get started, shopping lists are provided on the last few pages that include gluten free products. 
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