Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Celiacs Talk with their Feet!

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Celiacs have all kinds of special talents! Like their ability to talk with their feet.

Nina and family had poured over The Celiac Scene™ maps for Kingston and had decided on one of our recommended restaurants for a special celebration. When they were seated and about to order, she dutifully inquired about the gluten-free options that she had been told they were renowned for.

Then the stunning proclamation: they no longer accommodated gluten-free diners! One can only imagine what prompts a highly regarded restaurant to take such a stand, in a day and age when the competitive restaurant industry is clamouring for the patronage of customers with a proven loyalty rate of 96%! A market that has grown by 28% since 2004! A preference that estimates suggest fully 10 % of the population now embraces.

Shocked and dismayed, the family did the only thing they could do under the circumstances - they stood up and left! Fortunately, there were other restaurants on Kingston's Celiac Scene™ who were interested in meeting their needs.

So if you are a celiac and faced with this kind of reception, I encourage you to do what Nina's family did and talk with your feet! Use our maps to head over to where your business is appreciated and enjoy the efforts of entrepreneurs who make you feel welcome and cared for.

As I always say, support those who support us!

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