Friday, August 7, 2009

Milestones @ The Celiac Scene™!

A brief update on the milestones passed this week at The Celiac Scene™:

2 celiac-friendly restaurants now listed for Alaska !

65+ GIG recommended restaurants have just been posted for Chicago and area, a welcome to the attendees of the Gluten-Free Cooking Expo being held there August 15 & 16.

150+ celiac-friendly restaurants have been mapped out for La Belle Province , Quebec!

250+ restaurants certified in GIG's GFRAP Program are posted across Canada and the US.

561+ FREE maps are now available to guide the gluten free to celiac-trusted restaurants across North America.

18,000+ people visited The Celiac Scene™ in July, in search of gluten-free dining options.

COUNT YOURSELF among the people who have made this resource possible:

for contacting us with suggestions
for sending us your encouragement and thanks
for recommending the site to others
for enlightening the hospitality industry, one restaurant at a time
for your work advocating for celiacs everywhere

The Celiac Scene™ is very much Your Scene! Our thanks to you!

Congratulate Ellen!
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