Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Miss Tiffany - I like!

I've been following Tiffany Janes' posts and I like her sensibilities. She tells it with enthusiasm and a pinch of cynicism that catches me by surprise! I like! Today, she pitched a great list of gluten-free snacks to throw into a treat bag Here's a nibble but head over to the source if you want the full course! "Almost everyone who plans a trip the first time after they start living gluten-free has the same question - "how am I going to eat safely away from home?" The answer is simply - by doing some gluten-free home work. They need to do research about gluten-free dining options where they're headed, and they need to pack some food for the trip. Here is a list of things that are easy to find and are not likely to be confiscated by airport security. Most of these item can be used for a plane ride and upon arrival to your destination ..." More Now!

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