Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Local Café Joins The Vancouver Scene™

Just in time for the Games, My Local Café joins The Celiac Scene™ in Vancouver. Committed to serving the gluten-free community of Kitsilano, Point Grey and UBC, owners were inspired by their visit to Babycakes™ in New York city!

Formerly the beloved Lavendar Lotus, My Local Café keeps the same local indie vibe but expanded their organic, vegetarian and vegan selection.

FRESH GF BAKING now available!
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
Hostess Cupcakes a la Babycakes NYC™ recipe
Coconut Macaroons Banana Bread Teacakes & Johnnycakes
Double Chocolate Muffins with Cranberries (made with brown rice flour) Blueberry Muffins (made from buckwheat and brown rice flour)

Our soups & salads are created with celiacs in mind. We are happy to advise and adapt menu items to your tastes. Gluten-free pizza coming soon!

For more information call (604) 221-7088


  1. its interesting that their menu has absolutely no mention of anything gluten free. it seems like some big secret or something.

  2. We stopped by after another cafe recommended them for our gluten-free needs. Their menu does need to be marked more clearly, but they are wonderful if you stop by and they will tell you specifically what choices are gluten-free (grab a take-out menu) and mark it for future reference...

  3. i tried my local cafe this past week and was so impressed! it is a wonderful place to eat gluten free, the food is fantastic, and the staff are very helpful. i was also happy to see that they take good care in preparing the gluten free meals in a separate area of the kitchen. i highly recommend my local cafe also!