Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gluten-Free Fast Food on The Road!

We received an inquiry regarding the absence of a popular fast food chain on The Road Scene™. We are sharing our reply so that those counting on our recommendations have a clear understanding of why some chains are listed and some are not.

"Why don't you have XXX XXXXX on your list? They have a very nice gluten free menu and their cooks go through a training about gluten free, at least here in central Pa. Thanks, Linda"

"Hi Linda, If XXX XXXXX is doing a good job, we want to hear about it!!

We are working our way down a long list of fast food restaurants with an interest to post those that have allergen charts that identify items that are safe for celiacs and / or gluten-free items marked on the menu and / or gluten-free menus. This gives us a sense of their commitment to meeting our needs and puts the onus on them to deliver what they promise.

We look for this information on their corporate websites so that we can be sure that celiacs can expect a standard at every location.

I just searched this restaurant's Canadian website and was unable to find any information on specific gluten-free items on line. I found the user information to be user unfriendly, with a person having to work their way through many pages for each component of a hamburger. That is as far as I got.

Things can often be different south of the border so I checked their US website as well. While I did find wheat and gluten allergen information, their suggestions were in the order of burgers without buns and salads without dressings - more of a celiac survival guide than the comprehensive offerings that so many of the other chains can and do provide.

I would really like to learn more about XXX XXXXX and would be only too happy to pass your endorsement along to fellow celiacs if the entire chain could be counted upon to provide them with the same great experience you received.

Look forward to hearing from you!"

And we look forward to hearing from you, too! If you have had great experiences at fast food chains or any restaurant for that matter contact Ellen with your suggestions!


  1. CHIPOTLES. All the way. Easy to order, safe and good.

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